Doghat Tisra Aata Sagala Visar Drama | All
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Sameer and Harshada are a newly married couple living in Mumbai. Everything is hunky dory, until Damodar, Sameer's childhood friend from Dengdi Pimpalgaon Village, shows up and invades the couple's privacy. At first Harshada dislikes to the intruder, but later realizes that Damodar is a simple and noble-hearted person. She warms up to him and soon the two become good friends. The new-found friendship irks Sameer and gradually drives a wedge between husband and wife. Sameer leaves Harshada and storms off. Professionally, Sameer must deal with another problem, his malevolent and overprotecting father-in-law. Damodar, takes it upon himself to help sort out the issues between the couple and reunite them.

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