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Gowri Shankar(Abbas) is in Bombay, all set to go to Dubai to earn a living. But when he gains admission in a college in Madras, both his mother and his uncles daughter Chellammaa(Keerthi Reddy) want him to study. So his mother mortgages their house to send him the money. At college, he has a lot of pranks played on him by Anitha(Kousalya) and also takes revenge on her with his own set of pranks. After a lot of heartburn, they become close friends. Anithas fathers partner(Mansur Ali Khan) has plans of his son Chakravarthy(Livingston) marrying Anitha but Chakravarthy falls in love with her teacher(Kushboo). Shankar and Anitha get Chakravarthy and their teacher married. The disappointed partner plans revenge by introducing a rowdy from Bombay as a good man and getting him married to Anitha.An inordinate amount of Dhost Ke Liye is dull and uninteresting. Matters are made worse by the inconsistencies which abound and are rather glaring. For instance, Abbas mother has scraped together the money to make him study but he strolls around in costly jeans and shoes. Even more ludicrous is the opening scene of the college where you get the usual dose of college students in atrocious clothes dancing to a song. This comes just after Abbas mother decides to get him to study because he has just gained admission to a ""prestigious"" college where they admit only students with immaculate conduct And then we see Kousalya ripping of the saree of a classmate to wear it and pose as a professor for Abbas That college must really have different standards for good conduct

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