Gaon Tasa Changla Pan Veshila Drama | All
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SANGAMWADI is a nice village but its way of life is adversely affected by the conflicting loyalties of two groups, one headed by Hindurao Patil and the other led by Appasaheb Desai. On the annual Ganesh festival procession, the groups clash at the village square and a dispute arises as to who should have precedence. This leads to a fight between the two groups, in which Hindurao Patil is injured badly. During the procession of goddess Gauri, Ratna, Hindurao’s sister, slips and accidentally falls into the river. She is saved by Deepak, Appasaheb’s brother, and love blossoms between the two, much to the resentment of Hindurao, who forbids them to see each other. He insults Deepak publicly which angers Appasaheb, who carries out a revenge attack on Patil's property. He then builds a new school to boost his prestige.

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