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The story begins with the quiet and sober Induchoodan (Renjith) who is a headmaster of a school. Known for his idealism and to the point nature, he earns his own share of respect and fear among the school folks. An Old friend Harikrishnan (Siddique) visits him one day and then they spend some time but before Induchoodan goes in and comes out, he discovers that Hari is gone. Apparently, he gets to know that Hari has been suffering from intestinal cancer and situation was critical. This takes Induchoodan years back when he was a hot blooded young man and his group of friends who were all motivated and inspired by the thoughts of revolution. They chalk up a plan titled "Mission April" which was designed to kill the evil estate owner Chacko Muthallali (Rajamani) but then it fails and many of his friends get caught and are sentenced to years in prison. The Silent fire that has been burning inside Induchoodan remains the same despite all these years what he does next forms the rest of the story.

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