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The movie revolves around the story of Ganya, a naive and staunch devotee of Lord Vithala. Overwhelmed by the intricacies of everyday life, Ganya prays to Lord Vithala for change and a solution to his lifes problems and is taken by surprise when the Lord responds to him. Out of excitement, Ganya announces to everyone that the Lord has spoken to him but this only causes people to believe he has lost his mind. The village money lender takes this as an opportunity to take advantage of him and in the process steals all of Ganyas ancestral land. Driven by despair, Ganya tries to commit suicide but is saved by a herdsman who also happens to be a believer in Lord Vithala. The herdsman gives him some money and helps him go to Bombay where he becomes a vendor. Upon returning to the village, Ganya discovers that while he was away a lookalike had come in and taken his place, managing to sort out all his familys problems. But if the real Ganya was in Bombay, who has been staying with his family Watch Hari Om Vithala online.

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