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The film centres around three men and the women in their life a struggling and alcoholic film director Arul (S. J. Surya) and his wife Yazhini (Kamalinee Mukherjee); Aruls best friend Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) and his wife Ponni (Anjali) and Aruls younger brother Jagan (Bobby Simha). Arul was a renowned film director until he fell out with the producer of his latest directorial film, because of which the film never released. To overcome his sorrow, he became a chronic alcoholic and started harassing Yazhini. Though Yazhini often threatens to divorce Arul for his behaviour, she changes her mind each time due to her love for him. Michael, an artifact dealer, is forced to marry Ponni, despite being in love with a widow Malar (Pooja Devariya). However, Malar has no love for Michael, merely considering their relationship as friends with benefits. Michael openly reveals to Ponni that he is not interested in being her husband and ignores her.

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