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The flawless story of the movie given by Pingali Nagendra Rao perfectly represents his Indiana cinema culture of the 70s. The story of the movie features the story of the king having two sons with elder son played by NTR and younger son played by Lanka Satyam. NTR always dreamed about marrying Devakanyas and therefore he got expelled from the kingdom by his father. He starts his quest in search of Devakanyas and visits the place where these Devakanyas usually take baths. NTR secretly sees the Kanyas while bathing and get cursed by them. Meanwhile Jayanthi (B. Saroja Devi) one of the Devakanya among the group was also cursed by the Muni that whoever steals his clothes will be her Husband. Knowingly about the curse NTR steals Jayanthi clothes and married him. Watch Jagadekaveeruni Kathe movie online.

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