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Rajesh lives a fairly lifestyle in Bombay, along with his uncle, Gulu, and Bua, Saraswati. He regularly dreams of wooing and marrying Anarkali, and one day does come across her in the shape and form of an actress, Nalini, who instantly rejects him. She lives with her scientist father, who is on the verge of inventing a revolutionary weapon that can eliminate any obstacle - big or small - including buildings. Some foreigners come to know of this, and abduct him to acquire the formula. Nalini cannot go to the police for fear of losing her father, and seeks the help of Rajesh and Gulu, who are both clueless. Then Rajesh inadvertently releases a wish-granting genie from a lamp who also possesses magical powers. But as things turn out, his involvement results in even more complications for the hapless trio.

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