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A man, Kumaran, (Bobby Simha) kidnaps Chief Minister Yogeeswaran Prakash Raj and demands the police to make the government give him his withdrawaled money, which the bank tor and a few cents that a medical shop had to give. When the Chief Minister asks about his motive, Kumaran narrates his story. During the same time, State Minister's son Bala Saravanan is found unconscious by the police and when he is woken, narrates his story of Kumaran. In Bala's story, he and Kumaran become friends, but are shocked to see that they both love the same girl Nikki Galrani. In Kumaran's story, he explains how Kumaraswamy Nassar, the man who sponsored Kumaran was killed by a politician. The rest of the story reveals who killed Kumarasamy, and why.

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