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Ravi and his friend Gopal who is a doctor meet Neela in Mahabalipuram and Ravi fall in love with her. But they see Neela jumping off the clip and Gopal declares her dead. But one day, Ravi sees the same girl in a theater performance and then he confronts her. She denies and tells him she is Maliga, not Neela. Then Maliga asks her elder sister Gowry about the Mahabalipuram incident which she ignores. Ravi convinces Maliga to marry which is opposed by her brother in law Nagaradjan, but still they gets married. In order to know the truth from Nagaradjan, Maliga pretends to runs towards the lighthouse and jumps. Gowry confronts Ravi that her husband had killed a girl which looks similar to Maliga. After saying this she takes poison and dies. Nagaradjan tells Ravi that both his witnesses are dead and the police which was hiding for the confession comes out and arrests him. It is revealed that a marionette dressed like Maliga was thrown from the cliff. Then the couple Ravi and Maliga lives happily at the end. Watch Kalangarai Vilakkam movie online.

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