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Kalavathi Korgaokarin is a true artiste, although she is a Tamasha dancer, her character remains unblemished. She had her own band and proves to the world that "Lavni" is not to be heard, but also to be seen, witnessed and experienced. During one of her performances, the theatre is raided by the police, as Inspector Sambhaji Sawant is chasing a notorious smuggler, who blows the electric fuse in order to attack the Inspector. In the dark he throws a knife at the Inspector, but Kalavati sees it first, steps in between and is hit on her back. In the chaos, that ensures the culprit manages to flee. A profusely bleeding Kalavati is in dire need of blood. Only Sambhajis blood matches her. He saves her life and very soon they tie the knot. They are proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Leela and Mala. Both the girls have followed their mother’s footsteps and have excelled in dancing. During a ceremony to honour her for her lifetime achievement, while bowing to public on demand she starts singing. Although her voice is cracked because of her age, it still doesn't deter her from singing. But age takes its toll, with a sharp pain in her chest, she breathes her last on stage. Just before dying, she reveals to Sambhaji a secret she has been guarding throughout her life, she tells him that one of the girls is not his daughter.

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