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Yogi is a carefree young man, who hangs out with his friend mostly, and spends a little time trying to be a two bit broker, for everything from real estate to eggs of a pon vandu. His mother, a vegetable vendor,  has borrowed money from Dandapani (Namo Narayan) at usurious rates, and is at his mercy. He is the kind of guy who dreams of lakhs in commissions, but is lucky to get a couple of hundreds. Most of his time is spent drinking in the bar, and once after a cutting session with a father he meets Jyothisha (Veni)  and Rosin (Bhoomika) and finds out that their mother died  after being victimized by the money and women crazy  Dandapani. The two girls make a living as dance girls.  Jyothisha, who had been a sorrowful person slowly begins to find happiness in Yogi company.

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