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A retired lawyer meets a holy man # Birinchi Baba Charuprakash Ghosh and his assistant Robi Ghosh # on his way back from a pilgrimage # and is totally taken in by his supernatural life. The holy man is on first name terms with Buddha and all the gods of the Hindu pantheon. What the world calls Cruci-fiction he calls Cruci-fact because he has seen it with his own eyes He even starts giving orations to an audience of the rich and famous at the lawyers residence. The gullible lawyer decides to get his entire family initiated into the gurus fold # including his unmarried younger daughter Gitali Roy who is being courted by a young man Satindra Bhattacharya. His group of intelligent and rationalist friends Somen Bose et al decide to take matters in their own hands # and hatch a plot to expose the smooth-talking charlatan.

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