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Karthik (Nikhil) is a medical student who goes to Subramanyapuram for a health camp organised by his college. He comes across an age old mythology attached to the village. The local Karthikeya temple is bound with secretive stories which the localities dread of recalling. Being an atheist by belief, Nikhil along with his friends Satya and Praveen explore the disclosed myths. They aim to unravel the mysteries surrounded by the temple and disprove the fear amongst the villagers. On their quest, they meet Rao Ramesh, the archeological department chief and Kishore, a cop to unearth the historical details of the shrine. Nikhil and his mates are prohibited from entering the temple premises as everyone believes that a snake goddess guards it. Will they be able to break the barriers Watch Karthikeya movie online.

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