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The movie revolves around the couple Mohan and Sharadha, who have four kids, an elder girl, twins out of which one is handicapped and a toddler. They struggle for money, as Mohan spends his money drinking alcohol. Mohan and Sharadha were tied together by love, and one day, Mohan fights with a local milk delivery man who injures Mohans second son in an accident in order to take revenge on Mohan. When Sharadha tries to save her sons life by donating her blood, she comes to know she suffers from leukemia. Mohan is killed in an accident on his way back to his home, after getting medicines to Sharadha. Sharadha who was unable to take care of her children decides to give them for adoption for their bright future. With the help of a Father at Church, she gives them to rich doctors and wealthy businessmen except for the handicapped child who decides to be with his mother. Later, she is told by the doctor that she had very little days left to live. She writes a letter to her daughter to take care of her brothers, and though she wished she could meet them before she dies, she is unable to do so. In the climax, the handicapped son is taken together with the adopted parents of his twin brother. Watch Karulina Koogu movie online.

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