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Abhijit Vaidya (Umesh Kamat) and Harshvardhan Ghodke (Akshay Pendse) are engineering students, who plan to go on a trip and do enjoyment. They lie to their parents about it and travel to Bombay to have fun and enjoy holidays. In Bombay story takes the twist as both get caught up in the bad situation and get accused of a murder which they didnt commit. They start trying every possible helpful thing to get out of this accused crime, but they end up with nothing .then Keshav Kunthalgirikar (Makarand Anaspure), who is Abhijits uncle and attorney by profession comes to rescue them. A new drama begins in the story when Keshav, a below average successful lawyer, faces Advocate Phandnavis (Sachin Khedekar), a highly successful opponent who has never been defeated in court. Court case starts and the argument between these two brings the differences between the urban and the rural aspects of life primarily and the ultimate story ends in pleasing turn. Watch Kaydyacha Bola movie online.

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