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Anu and Chanti are separated at an early age when they were 8 years. The separation is due to the fact that Anu being the daughter of a wealthy government official relocated to Vizag. Chanti also loses his mother and was adopted by Mohan Rao who gives him another name as Venu. These two friends get raised in separate places but their love for each other strengthens as Chanti (Venu) patiently waits for Anu to return from her studies in Malaysia. After Anus return, she decides to narrate her love story for Chanti. The story name is Manasanta Nuvve and uses the name Renu to hide her identity. The romantic performances unfold as Anu tries to describe her love affair story which is featured in Swaty magazine. She hopes that Chanti would come back to her. This bond of love strengthens as Chanti (Venu) and Anu (Renu) gets back together and demonstrates their glamorous affair. This great romantic movie is easily available in YuppFlix page and can be easily accessed online via the smartphones, Television, and computer. Watch Manasantha Nuvve movie online

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