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The story goes like this: Pandiyan is a grandson of Ganthimathi. Y.Vijaya is her daughter who is married to Vinu Chakravarthy.Revathi is their daughter and Ganthimathis granddaughter. Ganthimathi used to fight frequently with her son-in-laws family as she did not like them. But Pandiyan and Revathi love each other. Senathipathy is a rich farmer in the neighboring village. He does not like Ganthimathi. Every year there was a competition held between the bulls. As a bet in the race, Vinu Chakravarthy makes an announcement of getting his daughter married to the owner of the bull which wins is declared as a winner. The opponents somehow win by cheating them. Vinu Chakravarthy is not able to bear this pain and commits suicide. The one who won the match later attacks Pandiyan. He kills them and leaves the village. Meanwhile, every forgets about Pandiyan thinking that he is dead. However, Pandiyan joins armed forces and returns with a girl he is willing to marry at the end of the story. The reason behind this twist in Pandiyans life forms the most important part of the story. This film was produced by Chitra Lakshmanan and Chitra Ramu came out as a huge success. Village feud, the same love, nd circumstances made a young man to leave his village and loved ones behind and lead him to join Military service.Finally, when he returns to his village after few years, Revathi realizes that the feelings between them are not going the same again. Watch Mann Vasanai movie online.

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