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Description :
The story has two male protagonists: Ramalingam and Sundralingam played by Kamal Haasan and Prabhu Deva respectively. Both of them are very keen on earning money by some means or the other. While Sundarlingam is a gifted artist, Ramalingam is a deceitful businessman. They find themselves falling in love with two art students: Sundarlingam falls for Janaki (portrayed by Rambha) and Ramalingam falls for Sundari (played by Soundarya). Janakis father, however, does not approve of the couple. Sundari and Janaki conspire together and somehow convince Janakis father that Sundarlingam is a rich and famous man by sending him misleading letters. When Janakis father decides to visit her and a very similar decision is taken by Sundaris father as well, things go haywire. Watch Navvandi Lavvandi movie online.

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