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Shwetha (Eesha) comes out of Trichy prison on parole to attend the wedding of her elder sister (Neelima Rani) and catches a bus to Chennai. He co-passenger is Krish (Geethan) the scion of a Pannayar family of a village who travels to Chennai to meet his lover Gayathri (Babri Gosh). Shwetha notices a thief stealing Krish’s jewel and retrieves that from the thief. In the process she misses the bus and her bag. She reaches Krish’s home to handover the jewel but the family members mistake her for Gayathri and make her stay in the home and treat her like a special guest. As, Shwetha learns from her sister that someone is trying to kill her, she uses the mistaken identity and stays in Krish’s home for safety during the parole period. After Krish’s return, the entire family refuses to believe his words and compel him to accept Shwetha as his wife.

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