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Rajan and Viju Pradhan are a happily married couple, but both are at loggerheads because of Viju’s suspicious nature. Their servant Bagaram, always adds fuel to the fire, by taking advantage of the situation. One day Raju goes to an exhibition to buy a sari for Viju. There he meets Rekha, a beautiful young woman, who helps him to select a sari. An impatient Viju spends the whole night waiting for Raju, listening to Bagaram’s fabricated tales, which make her all the more restless. She is consoled by Rashmi, her younger sister who is to be married to a Captain. Raju does not approve of the marriage, as his enmity with the Captain dates back to their college days. Raju returns home in the morning to find a furious Viju to whom he tries to explain how he encountered one problem after another, but of no use. Finally he tells her he was with a friend when Viju demands the friend’s name and address. Raju just tells her the first name that comes to his mind Anthony Gonsalves. Viju asks Rashmi to confirm who the friend is.

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