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The film portrays Rajnikanth as a young man who goes to the city looking for a job, but he becomes a criminal as it fetches him more money than other jobs. Ranganathan alias Rangais separated from his sister Lakshmi in his childhood.As a young man,he goes to a city to obtain employment,suited to his educational qualifications.Ranga happens to meet a thief,Raju.Ranga tries to make Raju give up his criminal activities and mend his ways.He advises Raju to become a good man.Raju agrees and reforms his ways.In the due course of time,Ranga becomes a ruthless hitman as he gets more money in crime.Raju saves a boy,Suresh from local thugs.Suresh is the son of Lakshmi.Lakshmi had married a rich man and given birth to Suresh.Raju is hired by Lakshmi as Sureshs guardian.Ranga meets a local thug,Ravi as an assignment given by Ganga,who later becomes his girlfriend.Ravi invites Ranga to join his gang.Ranga declines,saying he will do anything for money but will not join a gang.Ravi asks Ranga to kidnap Suresh for money.Disguised,Ranga tries to kidnap Suresh.Suresh is saved by Raju.Raju does not know it is Ranga who has tried to kidnap Suresh.Ranga realizes Suresh has been saved by Raju and meets Raju.Raju introduces Ranga to Lakshmi.Lakshmi hires Ranga as a guardian for Suresh.Ranga reveals his true nature to Raju.Raju advises Ranga not to engage in crime.Ranga challenges Raju to stop him.Ranga successfully kidnaps Suresh and takes him to Ravi.Ravi reveals himself to be Lakshmis husbands brother.He tells Ranga Laksmi is his sister.Ravis men capture Ranga but Raju saves Ranga.In the end,Ravi is taken to jail.Ranga,along with Raju,lives a happy life with his sister. Watch Ranga movie online.

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