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The movie starts with Prince (Dileep) as a worker at a dog clinic owned by Dr Muthu (Kalabhavan Shajon), and Peter (Aju) is filming a documentary of the clinic. His life changes when an affluent rich lady Elizabeth and her female dog Lisa enters his life. Elizabeth appoints Prince as a caretaker for her dogs on the condition that Lisa should never get pregnant. However, Prince fails at the dire moment, when the guide dog of visually challenged Karthika (Keerthy Suresh) mates with Lisa. Things get worse, when Lisa delivers four puppies, but unfortunately she dies in labor, along with three of her kids. Prince names the lone puppy 'Diana', whom he raises with utmost care. Despite a rough start, Prince and Karthika gets along and become close friends. Diana becomes famous after she acts in a movie which marks Peter's directional debut, which eventually becomes a superhit. Later on she does a movie with the actress Diana who had betrayed Prince earlier.

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