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Shiva (Jiva) is an angry young man who cannot tolerate injustice. He gets into frequent fights to protect the innocent and this causes heartburn to his parents ( Jayaprakash and Lakshmi) . He comes across Priya (Shreya) , a law college student who also happens to be the daughter of the Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is love at first sight and a romantic track ensues. As the hotheaded Shiva keeps getting into fights and quarrels, he crosses the paths of two of the dreaded gangsters of the city, Kittu (Ganesh Acharya) and Gowri. Soon, Shiva becomes their target and numerous attempts are made on his life. His family begins to suffer and he becomes isolated. A desperate Shiva decides to leave the city for the good of his family. But will the goons allow him to do so. Will Shiva ever be able to lead a normal life That forms the story.

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