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Description :
The film starts off with Martin (Chemban Vinod Jose) confessing to a priest (Lijo Jose Pellissery) in a church, explaining his past. Martin gets arrested for stealing money from a temple. He meets 6 other people who had been arrested in prison, Narayankutty (Neeraj Madhav), an electronic shop owner arrested for giving a hidden camera in a soap box to 2 people, who used them in a hotel; Nobilettan (Nedumudi Venu), a chit fund company owner cheated by Pious Matthew (Joy Mathew) and his younger brother, Christo, which cost his son's life ; Shabab (Asif Ali) who beats up his visa provider who had busted him in a jail at Dubai for 10 months; Vasu aka Leaf Vasu (Sudheer Karamana), the former right-hand man of Pious, after his weapon fell on his head he had a mental disorder ; Salam (Salam Bukhari), a circus performer ; and Krishnanunni (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a bank employee, whose wife Sarah (Reenu Mathews) was killed in a car accident after she was harassed by Pious, who had abused her after she got cheated. After they were released, the seven of them planned to steal money from a safe in the charity hospital where Pious and his brothers had kept their money.

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