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Two twin babies were born to a couple Srinath and Sumitra who were names as Srirama and Chandra. The parents part away due to some differences and Srirama stays with his father while Chandra moves with his mother to Bangalore. Srinath holds a real estate property and being tempted with his property and money, his manager plans to kill him. Before dying in the arms of Srirama, Srinath reveals to him about his mother and twin brother who parted ways long ago and were living in Bangalore. The manager then employs a drama company to play the role of his mother and twin brother. However, Srirama soon realizes the Managers plot and plans to go and meet his mother and brother himself but gets killed on the way by the Manager. The entire story now revolves around how Sriramas spirit informs his twin brother Chandra about all the happenings and how he discovers the truth. Watch Sri Ramachandra movie online.

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