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Srirama and Chandra are born twins to Srinath and Sumithra. Over a family difference, the couple split and Srirama lives with his father in the Madikeri tea estate, while Chandra is brought up by his mother in Bangalore city. Srirama is born as an innocent and immature boy whose life revolves around his father and friend Seetha whom he intends to marry. However, with an urge over property, Srinaths manager Vajramuni hatches a successful plan to murder him and leaves behind Srirama orphaned and sole property owner. Srirama, without a knowledge in accounts, gets cheated regularly by his manager. Before dying, Sriramas father reveals the secret about his mother and twin brother staying in Bangalore. Knowing this, manager tricks a drama couple as his mother and brother and makes him believe. However, Srirama comes to know about the gangs plan and runs away to inform the police. En route he gets killed by falling off a cliff making Seetha lose her conscious and mentally unstable. The rest of the plot tells the story about how Srirama becomes a ghost and informs all the incidents to his twin brother in city and how Chandra deals with the situation.

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