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Description :
Krishnan ( Suriya ) vomits blood after returning home from a haircut. He dies after the doctor examines him. Malini (Simran), his wife, Shreya, his daughter and Priya (Divya Spandana), his daughter in law are near him. Surya (Suriya), his son is informed. He is the way to Kashmir, aboard a helicopter to save a journalist kidnapped by terrorists. He sheds tears and thinks about the past and how his mom and dad fell in love. Krishna and Malini are both students. They fall in love, get married and have a son and daughter.Surya and his father are like friends. He leaves home for his college studies. He loves playing the guitar. On the train ride back home, he comes across Meghna ( Sameera Reddy ) and proposes to her. She rejects him as they hardly know each other and saying she would need time. Surya says that he will follow her anywhere. Surya visits Meghna at her house. She informs that she is going abroad to pursue higher studies. Soon after this, his Krishnan suffers a mild heart attack. Surya takes his families financial responsibilities starts doing concerts. He succeeds and earns money. After a few months, Surya travels to America and meets Meghna. Meghna is initially shocked to see him, but they have a great time. She develops feeling for him and proposes to him. He is overjoyed and informs his parents, but it does not last for long. Meghna is injured in a bombing and dies. Surya returns home and is depressed. He starts taking drugs to overcome his loss. He also meets his sisters friends Priya. After he is better he takes a trip to Kashmir to rejuvenate himself. He finds out that Aditya, son of Shankar Menon, was kidnapped. He sees the lethargic behavior of the police and starts searching for the kidnappers. He finds the kidnapper and saves Aditya, fighting the kidnappers alone. At home, he starts spending time with Priya. She proposes, but he keeps silent. He decided to join the army. Priya visits him after a few years. They get married and she has a son. Krish

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