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Suvarna Bhoomi is an Indian Kannada drama movie,which was released in the year 1969.The movie was produced and directed by M.Sameevulla.The movie stars Sudarshan, Dinesh, and Rajesh in the lead roles.Vijaya Bhaskar composed the music for this film.The films plot revolves around enmity between two persons,which only increases as the time passes by.The movie had a good run at the box office.The film is considered to be a classic.It is one of the most famous Kannada movies released in the year 1969. There are two brothers,Ranga and Ganga.There are a landlord and his son Bhaira,who commit bad things.Ranga falls in love with a girl named Leela.Leela too loves Ranga. Bhaira also loves Leela and wants her.Ranga studies and passes B.A.He trains in order to become a police officer to end the rule of Bhaira and his father.The story reveals the fate of Ranga as he tries to stop the evil activities of the landlord. The film is available at YuppFlix.

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