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Samson (Mammootty) and Mallika (Charmy Kaur) have just been released from prison. Samson is a small time thief to whom prison is a second home while Mallika went to prison for murdering someone to save her husband from being killed. Samson falls in love with the girl at first sight. He decides to accompany her on the journey back home, but during the entire journey, Mallika is absolutely quiet and refuses to utter a word to him. She seems depressed and lonely. Shocking things await her when she reaches her home in Karippa to meet her husband Manikuttan/Kannukuttan (Murali Gopy). Kannukuttan was having an affair with their neighbours wife, and it was the jealous husband who had wanted to kill Kannukuttan. Mallika gives quotation to Samson for killing Kannukuttan. Samson, after some brilliant plots and a fight sequence, defeats Kannukuttan, but never killed him. Later he tells Mallika that he doesnt want to go back to prison again for killing him, because he fell in love with Mallika and he want to live a new life with her. Mallika, realising Samsons love for the first time, agrees and goes with him in the end.

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