Tithe Nandati Laxmi Drama | All
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Janubhau and his wife Radha are trying to safeguard the remains of a bygone prosperity and glorious past, by means of their palatial house. They have no children but Janubhau's younger brother Vinayak, who is studying in Mumbai, is their only hope. Janubhau plans to get him married, in order to revive the happiness of their house. But Vinayak falls in love with Kusum, the daughter of the landlady, where he resides as a paying guest. Janubhau fixes his marriage with the daughter of Tatya Khot, who lends him money for Vinayak's education. After learning about Kusum, Janubhau and Radha come to Mumbai to attend Vinayak's wedding, but do not reveal their situation. They return dejected after Kusum refuses to accompany them to the village but later she changes her mind. After visiting the village and receiving the hospitality extended by her in-laws, she realizes their large-heartedness. Finally, she has to make a tough choice

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