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Abhiram (Vinay Rai) is the only son of his parents (Jayasudha and Naresh). On a visit to a mall amidst a heavy wind, he spots a pretty girl, Nandini. Whilst staring at her, he inadvertently falls into a manhole. Nandini rescues him from the pit, but in the process loses her heart-shaped watch she had just bought. While accompanying his mother to Araku, Abhi confronts a man named Jaanu (Ajay). Jaanu, who has been following Nandini, beats up Abhiram mistaking him to be dating Nandini. Abhi, unaware that Jaanu has vowed not to allow any one near Nandini, thrashes Jaanu and his gang in return.In Araku, Abhi meets Nandini unexpectedly. He identifies himself and expresses his love and offers to tie the watch as an indication of his intention to marry her. Nandini, who is already engaged, rejects his proposal. Still, Abhi vows to marry Nandini if she meets him again. Abhis mother takes him to her friend Bharathis (Seetha) house. There, Abhi discovers that his host in Araku, Col. Choudary (Suman), is Nandinis father, that he is deaf and that Nandinis marriage is only a week away. Dejected, Abhi throws Nandinis watch away. Nandini calls him and asks him to meet her. Delighted, Abhi goes in search of her watch. While searching for it, he spots a rabbit, which he names Devadas and brings it along with him. Eventually he finds the watch.

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