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Susheel ( Ajmal ) works as a software engineer in Mumbai. His parents like a girl Satya ( Nikitha Narayan ) and fix Susheels alliance with her. They ask Susheel to meet Satya. In the meanwhile, Susheels parents go to a guru and show his horoscope. They are shocked to be informed that he is already married. They ask Susheel. Susheel is also shocked and does not understand. He is upset and tries to think why the guru would say that. He then remembers that when he was a kid, he had married Tanuja during a fun game. Susheel is curious and starts searching for Tanuja. Will Susheel find Tanuja What does Tanuja do now What does she think about Susheel now Does she remember him What will happen to Satya This forms the remaining part of the movie. Watch Venello Hai hai movie online.

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