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The story goes like this Shankru (Vishnuvardhan ) is the eldest of all the brothers and the head of the family. He loves his three brothers more than anything in the world.He even gives up his marriage when he comes to know that the woman he loves is planning to send his brothers to a boarding school (hostel) after the wedding. All the four brothers live together happily with their Ammamma (M. N. Lakshmi Devi). He works very hard to raise his brothers. Shankru is everything for them. They too reciprocate his warm love, care, and affection. The eldest of the three brothers, Ganesha (Vishnuvardhan again), works as a cook in a small hotel. Shankru goes to the city to meet and talk to his friend (Rajiv), the business tycoon, about Ganesha and Sangeetha (Prema), who are the childhood friends, with the marriage proposal after coming to know that Ganesha is in love with her. However, Shankru is insulted by his friend.Due to certain circumstances, Ganesha goes to Sangeethas palatial bungalow and starts working as a cook. The girl is rude and arrogant only till she learns that Ganesha is a childhood playmate. And now Sangeetha persuades her father and tries to convince him to accept Ganesha as his son-in-law. She blends into the sweet ambiance of Ganeshas home. Abhijith, the second brother, who is under training to become an inspector, is married to Shankrus friend daughter Lakshmi (Pavitra Lokesh ). Initially, she too is arrogant and rude and insults Shankru but due to her astrological reasons which made her act like that. She too is transformed into a good lady. Subramanya (Sashikumar), the third brother, is a doctor. He has a girlfriend Swathi (Swathi) a vivacious and talkative girl. However, she turns out to be the daughter of Shankrus one and only enemy(Avinash). He refuses to get his daughter married to Subramanya. He finally agrees to accept the marriage proposal only if Shankru promises to leave the village after the marriage was over. Swathis cousin Kidnaps her whe

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