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Nageshwar Patil is a self-proclaimed king, of a village that he terrorizes, and is feared by all. In the village live a happy couple, Namdev and his wife Durgabai. They are always there for the people who need their help. However, their blissful existence is suddenly brought to a halt when Nageshwar eyes a piece of land owned by Namdev. Namdev is subsequently killed leaving behind a distraught widow Durgabai. Fear of invoking Nageshwar's wrath; the villagers turn a deaf ear to her cries. Alone, devastated and unable to forgive the brutal killing of her husband, Durga now seeks vengeance. Like a wounded tigress, Durga sets out looking for Nageshwar armed with a rifle in one hand as she vows to avenge the killing of her soul-mate.

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