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The movie starts off with the story of how the god created people and how Adam and Eve came into being, and then the screen moves to the present where they show newly wedded couple Bala and Priya moving in to their new apartment. Bala's (Ashwin Kakumanu) dad does not accept the marriage because of Priya's (Sshivada) past where her mom had gone mad after she was pregnant with Priya and after Priya was born, she died. Bala accepts Priya even after knowing her past. After the marriage they visit a store where in Priya's purse there is a stolen pink lipstick which she did not steal according to her, she argues with the security and starts to abuse him. After returning to home and refusing to meet Bala's visitng father, she shares her past with the neighborhood lady the story about her mother and how she does not have the luck to be pregnant. Later that night Priya dreams about her mother and talks to her mother about how they called her a thief and initially reluctant she accepts that she did steal the lipstick and how she has an affinity towards pink color and how she enjoys it and after that she soon enters a world where her mother is and starts sleep walking at night.

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