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Tamil Drama 02h 11m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    C. V. Rajendran
  • Cast :
    Prabhu Ganesan, Radha
Anand (Prabhu) is a famous singer who is in love with Latha (Radha). Initially Latha rejects his proposal, but then falls in love with him. Things go well for Anand and Latha and they decide to get married. This is when a friend tells Anand something bad about Latha's character. Anand is impulsive and asks her about it. Latha gets angry and furious. She asks Anand, how he can believe a friends word and suspect her. Latha decides that his love is not pure and is not worthy of acceptance. Anand feels that her questioning and attitude is arrogant and they break up. After Latha leaves him, Anand starts regretting his impulsive nature. Latha marries another guy whom her parents choose and Anand is distraught and depressed. The remaining part of the story depicts what happens to Anand and whether Latha forgives him. Watch Anand movie online.