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Bedroom Ma Bakalyu Bairi Pakar

Gujarati Drama 01h 38m

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  • Director :
    Vistasp Gotla
  • Cast :
    Vistasp Gotla, Burjor Dastoor, Mahiyar Khambhatta, Tinar Bhathana, Behram Toddywalla
Boman is married to dominating Anaita. One day, his friend Bumsy visits his place when his wife is away and seeks permission to meet girlfriend Roxana at his house. Unwillingly, Boman grants permission. His wife returns home and smells something foul. Comedy of errors begins as Boman cooks up stories to cover the fact. To make things worse for Boman, Roxanas father and a goon visit his house looking for Roxana. Witty dialogues will definitely tickle your funny bone.