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Kannada Drama 02h 13m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Geetha Priya
  • Cast :
    Ashok, Mahalakshmi, Vajramuni, Sathyapriya
Ashok and Mahalakshmi starter movie are based on powers of goddess Durga. Durgashtmi is one of the days of a major festival called Navaratri. This festival is a nine days festival and each day is dedicated to one of the avatars of goddess Durga. Ashtami (day 8) is the most powerful day of all the days as it celebrates the power of Durga which is apparently the representation of women in Society. This 133 minutes cinema revolves around the position of women in the India society. Though this movie falls under the genre drama, it has a very sound and important message. This story is about a woman who is an ordinary woman of Indian Society and takes a brave step to mark her presence in the society after facing tough times. Watch Durgastami movie online.