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Ethir Kaatru

Tamil Drama 02h 18m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Muktha S. Sundar
  • Cast :
    Karthik, Kanaka, Anand Babu, V.K. Ramasamy
It revolves around Ram Narendran, a young man who meets Jana on a railway track where both were trying to commit a suicide. Ram saves Jana and comes to know that Jana, who was living with his parents and sister had committed a murder of Madhavan, a family friend who cheated him. Madhavan had asked him to invest a huge amount on a chit company for a job, which was running on a loss and pressurized Jana to pay back all the lost money. Ram, after hearing this story, pretends to be Jana and gets into jail. Jana, out of guilt finds a lawyer to get a bail to Ram, but finds the lawyer to be untrustable. What happens next is the story of Ethir Kaatru. Watch Ethir Kaatru movie online.