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Ivanukku Thannila Gandam

Tamil Comedy 02h 11m

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  • Director :
    S. N. Shaktevel
  • Cast :
    Deepak Dinkar, Neha Ratnakaran
Saravanan (Deepak Dinkar) is a television anchor who is experiencing hard times in both his professional and personal life. He is being bested at his workplace by a colleague, harassed by a loan shark, and fears his girlfriend Deepika (Neha Ratnakaran) is having an affair. Saravanan chooses to escape his troubles by going to a party with his friends where he becomes intoxicated. While drunk he unknowingly tells Mark (Rajendran), who is a hitman, to kill his competitor at work, his loan shark, and Deepika. When he wakes the following morning, he finds that his colleague and his loan shark are dead, and a call from Mark telling Saravanan that he has done what he has asked. Saravanan tries to prevent Mark from killing Deepika