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Jurrasic Shark - Piranha Shark

Telugu Action 01h 13m YuppTv 2 HD Movie

  • Director :
    Brett Kelly
  • Cast :
    Emmanuelle Carriere, Christine Emes, Celine Filion
In this film, an oil company, while drilling for oil in a freshwater lake, drills too deep hence awakening a very large prehistoric shark known as Megalodon. Megalodon is believed to have lived in about 28- 1.5 million years ago. While the company is drilling, there is a group of young female college students on the same island with their main aim being to investigate the illegal activities that the company is undertaking. Megalodon is thus awakened when the company drills the large ice pocket beneath the lake where it had been frozen. It is awakening, therefore, traps the members of the company together with the college students on the island as they are unable to move away. The shark ends up killing all the members of the company and only the two college students are able to survive and defeat the shark. Watch Jurrasic Shark movie online.