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Kabali - Tamil

Tamil Action 02h 23m

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  • Director :
    Pa. Ranjith
  • Cast :
    Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte
The film deals with the plight of the migrant Indian community, especially the Tamilians. Before Indian Independence, many Tamilians were sent to Malaysia to work as indentured laborers. Tamilnesan is a don who fights for the Tamil Malaysians. He does not indulge in illegal activities. Tamilnesan has a protege, Kabaleeswaran alias "Kabali" and a son, Tamilmaaran. Tamilnesan is killed by his own gang member,Veerasekaran alias Veera,as Veera did not like his rules about illegal activities. What happens next is the story of Kabali. Watch Kabali movie online.