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Kalluri Raja

Tamil Drama 02h 28m

HD Movie
  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Mohanlal, Vimala Raman
Kumaran is the hero of the movie and all students call him, Captain. He was the star of Mahatma School before he joined the armed force. Presently an ex-military officer, Kumaran is running the flask of Mahatma College after a terrible incident that took his dad and sister's life. Kumaran is of high repute and beloved to all the students and he effectively draws in with them, whether in youth celebrations, Parties, battles, love affair or campus visits. Madhavi the heroine, the school's English teacher, do not like him since she saw Kumaran getting included in a serious fight with a road rambunctious. So it’s time to see what happened in the end of the movie. Watch Kalluri Raja Movie Online.