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Kammath and Kammath

Malayalam Drama 02h 15m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Thomsan K. Thomas
  • Cast :
    Mammootty, Dileep, Narain, Karthika Nair, Rima Kallingal
The Kammath Brothers Rajaraja (Mammootty) and Devaraja (Dileep) are partners in the hotel business. Their newest venture is the inauguration of an establishment built in a land where a former Brahmin vegetarian hotel once stood. Sulaiman Sahib is also a hotel owner opposite the Kamath's who has the great interest in their property. He instigates the arrest of Rajaraja with the help of a thief named Pathrose by throwing stones at Mahalakshmi’s house. In the police station, the elder Kammath meets his brother Deva Raja who was already arrested due to liquor selling. The brothers then forced Pathrose to confess that Sulaiman Sahib was responsible for both their arrests and that they were innocent. The brothers then became friends with Sulaiman and Mahalakshmi. Watch Kammath and Kammath movie online.