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Tamil Comedy 02h 08m

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  • Director :
    S. R. Raja
  • Cast :
    Premgi Amaren, Advaitha Gurumurthy?, Leema Babu, Chaams, Ilavarasu
Premgi Amaren (Shiva) taking two different fascinating roles. Firstly he has taken the role of a classical musician, and secondly, he has assumed the role of a comic scientist. In Manga, Shiva's life got messed up when he tried to send a rocket to cement a hole he discovered in the ozone layer while working as an amateur scientist. Advaitha (as Jothila), a school friend come neighbor gets attracted to Shiva. Unaware of his insane ambitions, Jothila gets to marry Shiva but on their wedding day, things got sour due to his insane ozone-cement ambitions which made everyone to abandon him including family, friends, and neighbors. This doesn't turn well to him, loses hope and decides to commit suicide. But on his way, discovers an abandoned bungalow with 49 mysterious deaths. Risks his life and decides to explore more while continuing with his research over there. Watch Manga movie online.