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Hindi Drama 02h 08m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Kodi Ramakrishna
  • Cast :
    R. Sarath Kumar, Sukanya, Ranjitha
This movie revolves around a mafia lord, Kannappa Rao who is creating havoc by spreading terrorism in the town, along with his two sons Vijaya and Jaya, and threatens everyone to give their land to him. When he approaches Ramasamy to give this land, Ramasamy hesitates to do so, as he had an orphanage over there. In the name of revenge, he is brutally killed by the mafia team in front of a lawyer's daughter Gowri,who is deaf and dumb. When his brother,Shiva, comes to know about this, he flees away from military as he was refused permission to take a leave. With Gowri as the witness, Shiva takes the help of lawyer Lakshmi Narayanan and hands the murderers to the police. Also, Shiva falls in love with Uma during the course of the movie, but she loses her life in a plane crash. Watch Marshal movie online.