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Mi Nahi Ho Tyatla

Marathi Comedy 01h 58m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Jai Pujari
  • Cast :
    Ashok Saraf, Prasad Oak, Priyal Patil, Kalpana Sathe, Others
It is based on the two friends Raghav and Prasad, who are opposite in nature but are very close to each other. Both of them lives a completely different lifestyle. Raghav is living a happy married life with his family whereas Prasad is a bachelor and spends most of his time drinking in Mumbai dance bars. Prasad always tries to convince Raghav to join him in the club but he refuses every single time. Once Prasad sends a girl to Raghav's house for teasing as her wife is out of town but that girl was murdered that night. No one knows who murdered that girl. Who killed the girl? Watch Mi Nahi Ho Tyatla movie online.