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Mr Bharat

Telugu Drama 02h 26m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Raja Chandra
  • Cast :
    Sobhan Babu, Suhasini Maniratnam
Mr.Bharath is a Telegu movie which revolves around the plot of revenge that a son has vowed to take over his father. Gopinath (father) once met Shanthi (mother) in a village while working on a construction project. He got attracted to Shanthi and took advantage of her while she innocently fell in love with him. At the time of his departure from the village, he promises Shanthi to be back but a few months later the news of him marrying another woman spread. In seek of an answer Shanthi made her way to the city but was, in turn, rejected and accused of being after his money.Bharat came to know only when Shanthi was taking her last breath. Out of all his love and dedication for his mother, he swore to make Gopinath, his father to confess the truth in front of everybody in a year of his mother's death. Watch Mr Bharath movie online.