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Naalu peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvu

Tamil Action 01h 53m

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  • Director :
    Dinesh Selvaraj
  • Cast :
    Jagadish, Karthik Raj, Evan Shree
Prabhu (Prabhu) is the second son of a middle class honest cop (Arul Jothi). He has just lost his elder brother in an accident. Prabhu is in need of money, as he wants to go to abroad for a job. But he is vexed by his dads simple and upright life, although he gets chances to make good money. At the funeral of his brother, he meets Anil (Karthikeyan), Sridhar (Evansri) and Johny (Jagadeesh) and later comes to know that they are engaged in small time crimes to make money.