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Malayalam Drama 02h 27m YuppTv 3 HD Movie Subtitles Available

  • Director :
    Lal Jose
  • Cast :
    Deepti Sati, Vijay Babu, Ann Augustine
Vinay who heads an advertising agency, and married to Nalini with whom they have a son, finds himself trapped in Neena’s wings. Neena works in his company as the creative director, she is so good at her work though she is also an alcoholic who also don’t follow the rules at work. Vinay decides to take her to rehab posing to be her husband, in the midst of it all, they get attracted to each other and this threatens Vinay’s marriage. Nalini learns about that but she gets comforted with an insight she was told some time back: that in Vinay’s life, she would be the only woman. Neena then moves to Russia to start over. Watch Nee-Na movie online.